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Limited Equine Lay Dentistry Short Course Held at LSU

The 2008 edition of the Limited Equine Dentistry Short Course was held June 18 - 21, 2008 at the School of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University. The course was designed to fulfill the requirements of the Louisiana State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for the practices of limited equine dentistry by the non-veterinarian.

The course, which offered practical hands-on equine dentistry knowledge to 5 participants included a review of equine dental anatomy, aging, common dental abnormalities in horses, dental equipment and loating techniques and approximately 10 hours of actual floating on live horses.

Lectures were provided by the faculty of the School of Veterinary Medicine and laboratory teaching was carried out by EHSP faculty and Mr. Frank Albert of Albert's Equine Dental Supply. Albert's Dental Supply also provided all of the necessary hand equipment for the course. At the conclusion of the course, participants were required to complete an unassisted dental examination and a routine dental float on a horse and take and pass a written examination in order to receive a certificate of completion and have their names submitted to the state board to legally practice limited equine dentistry in the state of Louisiana. THe course is limited to a maximum of 8 particpants, and all 5 of the 2008 participants successfully completed the requirements for licensing.

For questions or information on next year's dental course, please contact the Equine Health Studies Program at LSU at 225 578 9500